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ESX 4 and ESX 4i is on the way out

Posted on October 31st, 2008 in Industry News, Virtualization | 5 Comments »

As what had been demo and shared during the VMworld 2008, most of you guys may aware that the ESX 4.0 or ESX 4i is on the way out and currently may still in development and beta test by VMware. Some of the features been demo example as the fault tolerance  which is an interesting features that most of us will be willing to have a look on it. Beside that, VMware is also ready to allow more than 4 vcpu per VM from this version. Although the HyperV and Xen had supported up to 32 virtual cpu per VM. With ESX4, this will bring VMware back on track with the necessary powerful environment to be run in virtualization world. If we need to run a VM with more than 8 Vcpu, I will think the best option of it will be running on physical servers instead of VM. Which could be consider not a good candidates to be virtualized.
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Make a Clone from a Snapshot

Posted on October 29th, 2008 in Tips, Workstations | No Comments »

Virtual machine snapshots can be a valuable tool to IT administrators or developer. A snapshot is a backup/image of your entire system at the time the snapshot is taken. Snapshot provide system restoration and minimize damage of the virtual machine.

Due to certain requirement, you may need to clone a snapshot taken sometimes ago and you can make as many copies as you need.

VMware Snapshot

This guide show how to making a clone from a snaphot on VMware Workstation 6.5.

Note: The snapshot MUST BE from a virtual machine that is powered off.
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Virtual Center Server corrupted after 2.5 U3 upgrade

Posted on October 24th, 2008 in Virtualization | 8 Comments »

Many of you may trying to upgrade the Virtual Center Server 2.5 U3 which recently release from VMware. As usual, I always like to be the earlier bird to test out everything and be excited to implement to my environment. Here is what I discover during the after the upgrade.

During the upgrade, there is the SQL script at the backend which trying to upgrade your DB table for your virtual center database and update manager. It does show some error during the upgrade and the screen will dissapear. Once it complete, you will find that your virtual center are still functioning as usual. 2 days later, you will start realize the Virtual center services is not able to be started anymore. Now is the big problem come. If you have backup your DB before the upgrade, you should be good. Or else, you will lose whatever data previously you have. Always backup the DB before any upgrade. A good example, missing template posted by superman previously.

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Join Us at Facebook

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Facebook Malaysia VMware
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This is an open group on the Malaysia network. Anyone from Malaysia can join and invite others from Malaysia to join.

Welcome to join us at FACEBOOK – Malaysia VMware Communities and User Group

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Intel Moving to 10Gbps Ethernet

Posted on October 23rd, 2008 in Hardware, Industry News, Virtualization | No Comments »

Intel had recently acquirred the company call Neteffect which is focusing on 10Gbps ethernet adaptors technology. As 10Ge is no longer a new thing in the market, but we still do not see it become the popular solution in the industry due to the expensive switches, NIC and solution that been widely control by the technology leader in networking solution. As we may also see some technology related to infiniband which provide 20Gbps by using HCA (host channel adapter), that will be another major competitor to be compared with the 10Ge.

Personally I had been urging the storage and network vendor over and over again regarding the 10Ge products. The reason of it is pretty simple that the Fiber Channel is just too expensive to be deployed and managed VS ethernet 10Ge. But the concern is the vendor are very slow responding to the 10Ge release roadmap although customers are demanding on that.

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