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Maximum numbers of Vcpu in single ESX Host

Posted on February 28th, 2009 in Server, Virtualization | 6 Comments »

If we refer to the current version which is ESX 3.5 u3, the maximum number of Vcpu per ESX server is 192 per ESX Servers. Personally, I think the number of Vcpu per ESX servers is too minimal. Imagine if we do run a servers with 4 or 8 physical CPU sockets and we consolidate 40 : 1 Physical server in our virtualization environment, we will hit to the bottleneck on maximum numbers of Vcpu per ESX servers but not due to the CPU consumption.I hope VMWare should revise the configuration to greater number or 256 Vcpu per ESX servers.

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Maximum Configuration allow in Virtual Center ESX VM

Posted on February 28th, 2009 in Virtualization | No Comments »

As many of the users are trying to search around the latest details of maximum configuration supported in Virtual Center, ESX and VM, you can refer to the latest version of the documentation released by VMware here.

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vCenter on Linux & Cross Platform Client

Posted on February 28th, 2009 in Announcement, Virtualization | 3 Comments »

For those who missed VMworld 2008 in Las Vegas hope this piece of info will trigger some excitement. Under the “Explore Technology & Architecture” category Breakout Session #TA3201 : Linux Strategy & Roadmap outline some interesting stuff for those pure Open Source or Linux house. It will definitely a good news if you plan or already virtualize with VMware. As most of us know the “legacy” VirtualCenter or the new name to be release vCenter required to have a AD or MS server in house to manage VI3 & ESX.

Beside OS dependancy it also require a database which currently so sad only work with Oracle or MSSQL. During TA3201 session under Linux Initiatives mentioned vCenter will have a Linux appliance version as well as a Cross Platform Client. As follow are some highlight what’s is in the vCenter Linux appliance. The interesting part is there is no mention whether it will support OpenSource databases such as MySQL or PostgreSQL.
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Create VMFS with High Availability and Vmotion in local hard drive

Posted on February 28th, 2009 in Virtualization | No Comments »

I just read an interesting article and wat the demo video for the products of Stor Magic SvSAN which is capable to provide the flexibility for us to utilize the local Hard drive in our machine to act as a share storage. As we know, the 1TB SAS HDD is available in the market today, and most of the ESX servers we have today, are not running with local storages due to the requirement of HA, DRS and VMotion within ESX servers. In the video, it show the flexibility and opportunities to fully utilize the ESX servers we have. I am interesting into this particular products and idea and downloading for a try now.

More review will be publish after my test on this. If the success of this products is true, we should able to save some money for some of the cases which may not require big SAN box to their environment to entitle the HA, DRS and Vmotion features. Stay tune.
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VMware on a mobile phone demo

Posted on February 26th, 2009 in Virtualization | 1 Comment »

VMware demo showing running Windows CE and Android on one mobile phone.

Do you think this is crazy?
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