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Year 2009 Metrics

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It’s time to say good bye to year 2009 and say hello to year 2010. Wish you and your family Happy New Year 2010!

Previous we have Year 2008 metric and below are Year 2009 metric.

The year 2009 monthly visitor look like not much different.

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Hyper-V are not for Enterprise

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I went through this article from Information Week and I absolutely agreed with the point been brought up by the author about the reason why Hyper-V is just not ready for Enterprise use. No question about Microsoft capabilities about the software they had developed. In fact, I had been with Microsoft platform for long year. But when come to virtual data center, I really believe CHEAP do not meant everything and they have a huge gap to close up the competition with VMware anyway.

You can read more from the original post here, have fun.

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New Release from Cisco Nexus 1000V R1.2 on VMware vSphere 4

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Just came across the release note from Cisco and VMware about the latest version Nexus 1000V R1.2 for VMware vSphere 4. According to the original blog there are new improvement on the area below

  • GUI setup following software install
  • Layer 3 control between VSM and VEMs
  • Virtual Service Domains for classifying and separating traffic for network services
  • iSCSI Multipath—supporting multipath feature introduced in vSphere 4
  • XML API for developing client apps for managing/monitoring the Nexus 1000V
  • DHCP Snooping for validating DHCP messages and filtering invalid responses
  • Dynamic ARP Inspection for validating ARP requests and responses
  • IP Source Guard for filtering traffic on interfaces to valid MAC and IP addresses
  • MAC Pinning for assigning Ethernet port members to particular port channel subgroup (where upstream switches do not support port channels)
  • Static Pinning

There are more new features in the latest release and please read more from here.

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VMware Red Tag Sale – Save 30% Instantly on Fusion 3 and Workstation 7

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VMware Red Tag Sale – Save 30%

VMware Fusion
VMware Fusion 3
The Best Way to Run Windows on your Mac.
With over 50 new features, VMware Fusion 3 offers full support for Windows 7 and Snow Leopard, with a 64-bit optimized engine to deliver even faster performance and advanced 3D graphics for the ultimate Windows experience on the Mac. Run Windows. The Mac way.

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