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Virtual KVM with Cisco UCS Manager

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I am current setup the Cisco UCS in my office for the coming event on this Wednesday and Friday, I managed to do some screen shots to share with you all about the outlook of Cisco UCS Manager and integrated Virtual KVM.

Cisco UCS Manager

Here is the 1st screen shots for Cisco UCS Manager which show the physical chassis configuration from single console. The chassis outlook showing the exact picture of how the blade had been inserted to the chassis. It provide all the hardware inventory for each single blade in multiple chassis from the UCS Manager.

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Oracle officially supported on VMware Virtualization

Posted on January 16th, 2010 in Announcement, Industry News, Tips, Virtualization | No Comments »

Previously Oracle had decline to provide the official support if you virtualizing your database instance into the VMware virtual infrastructure. Today, there is an official announcement from VMware which confirm the official support from oracle will be provided even you virtualize your database server into VMware.

This is a good news for most of the ERP users especially when you have SAP running in your production environment.

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Cloud Computing event by Datacraft Malaysia 2010

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There will be a cloud computing event running by Datacraft Malaysia at 20th Jan 2010 in Berjaya Time square, and 22nd in Equatorial Hotel Penang. Below are the screen shot I captured from their official website.


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1st hands on experience on Cisco UCS

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After the long waiting from the previous training in Singapore, finally I get my 1st real life hands on physically with the demo box sitting in my office today. I just manage to unpack the entire Cisco UCS from the box today and start to configure it. My 1st experience to setup the Cisco UCS from the scratch are not too tough.

Before you can start your configuration, you will need to physically slot in the blade to the chassis and get the FCoE connections connected from chassis to the switches. Physical connectivity are simple and straight forward as there are not much cabling to be involved. Here are some of the picture I manage to capture from my iPhone today. There will be more screen shot and picture to be come later in the next few post.

Cisco UCS

This is the physical outlook of the Cisco UCS B200M1 which are fully populated with 4GB memory module.

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VMware Accquire Zimbra to boost the vCloud Effort

Posted on January 13th, 2010 in Announcement, Industry News, Virtualization | No Comments »

VMware had officially announced the acquisition on Zimbra to boost the company vCloud effort. Zimbra provide free email client and collaboration software to the users. Zimbra was previously owned by Yahoo Inc. Under the terms of the agreement, VMware will purchase all Zimbra technology and intellectual property. Yahoo! will have the right to continue to utilize the Zimbra technology in its communications services, including Yahoo! Mail and Yahoo! Calendar.
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