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‘False’ Alarm Host connection failure

Posted on May 28th, 2010 in Tips | 1 Comment »

False Alarm For the past few weeks, my customers keep received an alarm “Host connection failure” email alerts via VMware vCenter but end up it’s a false alarm.

The email alert example as below:
Stateless event alarm

Alarm Definition:
([Event alarm expression: Cannot connect host – incorrect Ccagent] OR [Event alarm expression: Cannot connect host – network error] OR [Event alarm expression: Cannot connect host – time-out] OR [Event alarm expression: Cannot connect host – time-out] OR [Event alarm expression: Host connection lost])

Event details:
Host in DC1 is not responding

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VCDX for VMware vSphere 4

Posted on May 24th, 2010 in Announcement, VCP, Virtualization | No Comments »

VMware had officially announced the certification path to obtain the VCDX version 4 recently. Now is time for all of us who are keen to proceed with VCDX 4 to understand the path to obtain the certification level.

  1. you need to obtain VCP 4.
  2. You will require to Pass the VCAP – Datacenter Design Exam
  3. Submit a VCDX4-DCD Application that is accepted
  4. Successfully present and defend a VMware Infrastructure Design and Implementation Plan

VCDX4 Upgrade Path
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VMware Partner with Google to provide Cloud Portability

Posted on May 23rd, 2010 in Announcement, Industry News, Virtualization | No Comments »

VMware had partner with Google now to ensure the cloud portability.  This will significant improve the portability of the cloud ready application in the future which provide more flexibility and success integration within vCloud, vSphere, 3rd party cloud and Google cloud.

you can view more information from the official announcement here.

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Video showing stateless computing on Cisco UCS

Posted on May 13th, 2010 in Hardware, Server | No Comments »

Here is the video I uploaded for Stateless Computing on Cisco UCS which capture by my counterpart. Really thanks for his time to capture on this.

Or you can view from here.

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Stateless Computing from Cisco VS VMware vMotion or Cold Migration

Posted on May 13th, 2010 in Hardware, Server, Virtualization | No Comments »

VMware had done the best job since they introduced vmotion and cold migration which allow us to move the state of the virtual machine from 1 Host to another with or without down time. In virtualization, it encapsulated the entire Server into the virtual machine format and it is hardware independent. Therefore you can always move from 1 host to another without having re-install or reconfigure your operating system or application.

Well, since we had achieved this in virtual environment, what about physical environment?

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