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Virtualization Design with Gigabits VS 10G Ehternet

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Today, 10 G Ethernet consider as common technology at least to the enterprise customer. Many of us are looking into 10G Ethernet from server to switch via L2 or L3 networking perspective. The main reason behind this are due to the Virtualization and Cloud Computing technology driven. Few years ago when we came out the design with multiple gigabits NICs on the ESX host to support NIC teaming, load balancing and etc, which may end up deliver around 14 Gbps of network bandwidth and 8Gbps of FC bandwidth per host. Each ESX host are consolidate 20 to 30 virtual machines. At that time, this may be the best option we could had done due to technology limitation. Is this design GOOD enough? I will say yes for previously, and NO for today technology availability.

Photo shot of the real environment which have 14 gigabits NIC Ports and 4 x 2 Gbps FC.

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Packet Drop on Windows 2008 with Nexus 1000 version 1.2

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If you are currently deploy the nexus 1000V with the vSphere 4 update 1 and plan to run windows 2008 R2, here are some major issue we had faced for the pass 2 weeks. We experienced all the windows 2008 R2 with packets drop right after the vmotion completed. the Windows 2008 R2 virtual machine will not be reachable from external, but you can ping the gateway from the virtual machine console as usual. After our research and troubleshoot, this was due to the multicast function which seems to be conflict with windows 2008 R2 and become 1 of the major bugs in the Nexus 1000 version 1.2. There are some work around which suggest to turn off the igmp snooping, but our scenario, this didn’t work as it needed. If you are running on windows 2003, you will not experience the situation as we experienced here.
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Poll: What is the VMware Converter P2V success rate in your environment?

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