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Cisco offer R series Rack for UCS

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This morning when I woke up, I receive an email from my counterpart regarding Cisco UCS R-Series. At first, I I thought it was just another model of blade or rack mount system Cisco had added to their product line. Once I open up the official link and found that is nothing related to the blade or rack mount base UCS machines. Is a RACK!!!! after years of Cisco UCS come into the market, there had been number of users asking why Cisco UCS does not come with their own rack? Finally, I think Cisco has the answer to the customers who had asked the similar question before. Not a bad idea to add the R series as part of the offering, which may looks cool to deploy the full set of UCS & Cisco solutions in Cisco Rack itself now.

Read more information from the official link here

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Dell offer buy out for Compellent

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Who is Compellent? May not be famous in our country, but it been 1 of the best SAN solution out there is Others region. They had also participate in the latest VMware vforum 2010 event through the local distributor this year in Kuala Lumpur. Since dell lost the bid to HP for taking over 3PAR Storage solution, many of us had predicted the next move DELL could target would be Compellent. Not a bad choice I will say as DELL do need visionary technology team who can drive the enterprise storage business for them in the long run.

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Network Consideration in Virtualization and Cloud Computing

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Adoption to both virtualization and cloud computing, network become the important component of the success to both solutions. For many of the mature deployment and operation in virtualization, network become the uncontrolled piece in the virtual infrastructure which allow administrator to breech the change control management from the production network without proper authority from the network administrators. Some of you may not been agreed with this statement but it does impact the production environment.

The traditional vswitch or dvswitch did not provide control, manage as the physical switching environment in the data center. It allow administrator to provision new virtual machine and connect to network without proper request and change management in place. Let’s imagine, the effect will be the same as unauthorized persons connected a server to the production LAN without a change approval. In physical environment, we can shut off all the unused network ports in data center, in virtual, you will not able to perform this while using vswitch or dvswitch from vmware. Technology limitation for the past previous years does not allow network operation to be fully integrated until the Nexus 1000V from cisco & VMware join develop products come to place. This will allow administrator to manage and control the access level on the virtual environment as it does in physical switch. Transparency and Manageability is possible on virtual layer now.  Network performance analysis and troubleshooting become easier compare to previous.

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