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1st VirtualizeTips Magazine Released

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I saw many kind of Open Source magazine for the past and I can remember one called “MyOSS magazine” in Malaysia but too bad it’s not last long due to certain reason.

Few day back, I found a brand new Virtualization related Magazine – VirtualizeTips Magazine from Brian and Mike. Good jobs!

This is a project that I’ve been working on for a couple of months now and finally was able to bring it together. My dream for this is to produce something monthly if possible. I like the magazine format because it offers something different than just reading RSS feeds and blog posts. For the people that travel or use iPads or other tablets I hope this gives you something else of interest to read.

Initially the focus of the magazine will be heavily focused around VMware technology but as time passes I hope to be able to incorporate other Virtualization topics into the mix. The content will include interviews, how-to articles, reviews and community based topics.

This edition has articles that cover HP BladeSystem Matrix, Designing with VAAI, new VMware certifications, storage and networking articles and Kendrick Colemans home lab and several other topics.

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Data Center Facilities Considerations

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I had been busy with numbers of Data Center Projects recently. All of these projects are referring to Data Center Expansion or new Data Center Build up requirements. There are number of interest discussion we had with multiple clients and exchange technical knowledge and opinion from each others. Does a data center efficiencies or success measure by the size, usable capacity,  density or etc? Everyone should had a different opinion about this topic.

Traditional Data center were built by M&E or facilities management, mostly without IT department involvement. This had been transformed in most enterprise organization as IT has the better understanding what will be deployed into the data center after it build. There are always conflict from Facility and IT, as both KPI been measure separately and conflict to each other. Let’s assume a 5000 SFts data center, the facility guy may require to fill up the max capacity with the lowest budget. It may physical fill up with few hundred of racks and look nice at the end, but the usability could be  question due to the density and capacity per rack which impact the data center life cycle. A physical 42U rack doesn’t mean it allow us to fully mounted any physical devices into it, as we need to consider about the power and cooling pieces. From IT perspective, they will prefer to use less space into the data center, and reduce the power, cooling & cabling to achieve green IT environment. This had been part of IT main goal with storage consolidation, virtualization & I/O virtualization. If the power and cooling capacity are not proper plan, IT will not able to optimize the data center facilities.

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Security Consideration with Cloud Computing

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While cloud computing adoption had been grown over time, how often does the users were remembered about the security consideration? This a good question should be check with every cloud users. Even with Public cloud provider, you will require to fully responsible to maintain the security of the services or servers from the provider. Cloud often referring to resources sharing and infrastructure sharing. Security requires to be further enhanced to reduce the operation risk for the cloud users.

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VMware vSphere 4 with Cisco Nexus 1000V Useful or Useless?

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This week, I am away for Chinese New year break. Right before the break, I had heard some interesting feedback from my close buddy which talked about the topic here. Had been a while we didn’t hear any argument or comment that mentioned Cisco Nexus 1000V is useless or doesn’t meant anything. Previously, I had heard this from many competitors, partners & client previously, so it doesn’t surprise me when my buddy shared his story to me.

Well, there are many users, partner, or even principle who are reluctant to accept changes or new thing, which claimed nexus 1000V doesn’t bring any value while created problems to their day to day job. The main reason behind as they struggling to manage and configured nexus 1000v, mostly because they are just not the right person to manage it. Please do not feel offended with this statement, as I am telling the truth which myself are not the right person to configure SAP, Oracle, BI cognos too. We always need specified specialist and expertise from different area to compliment each others in IT environment.

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