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Cisco New Generation UCS Servers Range with Intel E7 Chipset

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Cisco is going to launch the new generation Blade and Rack mount base machine which will bring another major changes to the x86 open system again.

According to the link here,  it should able to push the total memory up to 1TB per 2 U machine in single chassis. The C260M2 will come with 2 x 10Gb Ethernet and 4 x gigabits NICs, which is very sufficient for most of the deployment today on stand alone or virtualize environment. Cisco claimed it will ship the B230 M2, B440M2 with Intel E-7 base chip set. Once again, I am very excited for this to reach the market as it will transform the server infrastructure and virtualization infrastructure deployment in the future.

You can read more from the original post here.

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Bugs on ESX Host and vCenter for ESX 4.0 Update 2

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Yesterday I re-setup the VMware environment for my client. There was a weird problem we were facing on the port group from standard vswitch for VMkernel. Here is the step how I create it.

Firstly, I created a new vSwitch, which is vSwitch 1 is this case, and I created 2 extra port group which is NFS1 and NFS2 at the same time with correct ip, subnet and etc. Once I done that, I click ok to apply the configuration. Funny thing happen now, the NFS1 created was working as I can mount the datastore as I need. NFS2 was giving problem which it suppose to point to different storage unit for NFS, it could not reach the storage unit. I try to perform vmkping on the ESX host, and it could not reach the storage host.

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Cloud with Grid Computing Architecture

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CA 3Tera Applogic, is some of the new thing I recently look into it. The main reason I had a look on this are due to the long development and go to market cycle that will need to go through no matter which hypervisor or virtualziation software we choose to go today. Heavy development cost and time always impact the buy in for the cloud solution. With CA 3tera applogic, you will able to perform application stack deployment with drag & drop, copy & paste, or draw a line to interconnect any of the back end system without heavy customization configuration. I had been approach by the local CA representative and run through the demo, and I was shocked and impressed with how the entire thing just work.

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Xencenter doesn’t work on Windows 7

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If you are trying to install the Xencenter on Windows 7, you may face an error which due to the pre-requirement for .net framework 2.0 as part of the installation. It will fail automatically as windows 7 doesn’t support with .net framework 2.0 anymore. As there are number of solution posted on the internet, but is not easy to resolve this issue. Most easiest way is to get an XP machines install with the xencenter and manage the Xenserver and VMs from there. It just weird that the support on windows 7 is not available up to date, Citrix need to react faster as Windows 7 adoption is big wave going on to many enterprise and newly purchase desktop and laptop.

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More Cautious on IT after Japan Earth Quake

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Everyone is closely follow up the news after the Japan Earth quake last week, not just because the impact to the country, environment and also the people who are suffering from the incident. As from IT perspective, I am strongly urging all of us to reconsider many of the activity which been carry out there 24×7 today, to re-look into the strategy which could improve and save the environment. The Heat, e-waste and green issues been created due to IT is HIGH and we could not deny it. Therefore the latest solution and technology are very emphasis to reduce the necessary foot print & energy consumption which could harm the environment.

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