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VMware DRS disable caused by single VM

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My Client had a weird issue recently on 1 of the production vSphere 4.1 host. Error message shown on summary tab as ” DRS is not able to function normally cause by insufficient resource”.This is not the exact message as I can’t remember the full error message, but it represent the similar meaning of the error. This message had been alerted for more than a week as we thought the mgmt-ware restart command should able to fix this.  The system is currently in production, therefore we are suggesting to vmotion out all the production VMs, and put the host to maintenance before we issue the command.

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VMware vSphere 4.1 Update 1 on SQL 2008 R2

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Microsoft SQL 2008 R2 had been officially supported for VMware vSphere 4.1 update 1. Previously it doesn’t supported if you are not on update 1. I just did an upgrade yesterday and here is some finding to share. 1st, I tried to perform an upgrade as usual, and of course I retain all the database information to prevent reconfiguration and performance data lost for the previous environment. Unfortunately, the update manager portion had given error which it not allowed us to continue the installation. It left me no choice that a re installation will be required. If you hit to the same situation, do not panic as your previous configuration will still retain, and no down time require even you are on dVswitch. Ensure no host name changes in this case will be safe enough for you to proceed further.

During the re-installation, you I will suggest you follow the sequence to un-install all the vCenter application 1 by 1. Update Manager required to be un-install before you uninstall the vCenter server. You can backup and re-attach the SQL DB as the MDF and LDF files is in place. If your vCenter is on virtual environment, strongly recommend a snapshot taken before any changes been made. Once you re-attach the DB, you will require to perform the DSN connections to be created from ODBC.

Here is the tricky part you need to take note. It take me 2 hours to figure out due to some confuse and mistake. vCenter Server will able to run on 64 bits DSN as standard, you will not face any issue on that. When come to update manager, DO NOT try to access the ODBCAD32.exe from start run directly on windows. It will point you to the 64 bits ODBC configuration tab. You will require to browse to the path directly as :


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