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Excited Vmware View 5 launched during Vmworld 2011

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VMware CTO had officially launched the vmware view 5 yesterday at the general session which covered quite a numbers of new stuffs.

With view 5, vmware emphasize a lot on the security, mobility and application delivery to any end point that could be used by the users today.
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Virtual firewall and security solution offload is the trend of future

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I was just attended the session this morning talk about the virtual layer security after consolidation, virtualization and cloud computing environment. As many of the users previously adopted to virtualizaton, most of the time the security consideration were minimal due to the technology limitation of that time. But today, vmware and their solution partner had produced large number of solutions available in the market which can help the users to further strengthen the security readiness after virtualization. Example will be vmware vshield edge, application, cisco nexus 1000v, cisco vsg, check point and etc. All these products was focusing on similar thing which try to off load the necessary work load from the current virtual machines to the hypervisor or virtual switch level. This will able to prevent antivirus scanning storm, performance issues and etc.

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VMworld 2011 – Finally I am HERE

Posted on August 29th, 2011 in Announcement | 1 Comment »

It was a long journey for myself to reach vegas 10 hours ago, which took me more than 17 hours flight in total to reach my hotel . I am very excited to join this event which allow myself to explore many opportunities around the globe surrounding the Cloud and Virtualization. I will try my best to perform necessary blogging during the event, but this may need to check out the internet connectivity in the conference as I do not have the 3G coverage with my Roaming due to incredible expensive rate.

Again, finally I am here and I hope this will not be the first and my last trip to the VMworld event. I always wish there are more to come.

I would like to thank you my bosses who fully support my trip to Vegas and my friend from VMware who encourage me to attend this event.

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VMware vSphere 5 GA available to be downloaded now

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The new VMware vSphere 5 GA are available to be downloaded now from VMware.

You can direct access the official link here to download the necessary software for the GA.

Cisco UCS added new Fabric Interconnect to the Product Line

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Cisco had recently added new Fabric Interconnect to their product line up which provide more choice to their client to be consider for their deployment. Previously there were only 6120XP and 6140XP in place for the Fabric interconnect architecture as part of Cisco UCS. The new Fabric Interconnect 6248UP which provide 32 ports FCoE with additional 16 ports expansion module on unified port available which support FCoE, LAN and SAN FC with appropriate module.

While introduce new Fabric Interconnect, the IO Module for UCS Blade Chassis had been further enhance with 2208XP which provide 80Gbps throughput per IO module, and allowed up to 160Gbps per chassis. This option will allow users to provide higher throughput to the blade infrastructure which require more than 80Gbps per chassis.

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