I had just setup a brand new Citrix Xensource hypervisor server today for evaluation purpose. The really impress thing that attracted myself is the 8Vcpu per VM be able to configure which over take ESX servers 3.5 update 2 today. I know that VMware has their roadmap in the future to release the 8vcpu to support processing power hungry application to be virtualized in the future.

But if we compare the technology today, I believe most of us will see that from virtual cpu perspective, VMware had been quite slow respond on that. If you do spoke to most of the VMware representative or consultant, they always told you not to allocate more than 1 Vcpu if not required.

In real world, I believe that non of us will be satisfied with the single core performance for our server environment. Dual core is been in the market for more than 2 years, and quad core had been also popularize to most of us. Single core will just be SLOW in most of the event. I am here to urge VMware to push harder for more virtual CPU per VM. The thing that should consider is to compare with the competitor products like Xen and Xensource.

Xen Server

In Xen, you will allow to configure 8 vcpu per VM if your host have 8 cores. That meant you should able to configure 16 cores per VM if your host do have 4 x quad cores today. I am yet to test with 16 cores per VM as my machine is come with 2 x quad cores.

Xen Server

I even try to run a VM with Windows 2008 which contains 8GB memory and 8 virtual cpu assign. The VM is run on local storage on the SATA disk. The performance on the VM is just fast compare to 4 vcpu VM I had in ESX. Again, not to say VMware is not good, and I strongly believe VMware is still the best today, but they are little behind with the delay of more vcpu per VM.