What is “Buy VMware“?

Buy VMware
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Look carefully at the images show as above! I’m sure you will notice Google search engine result could not find “Buy VMware” keyword on pages from Malaysia(Ignore Sponsored Links). This is NOT for fun which actually I found on Malaysia VMware sitemeter report. Does Google search engine stupid or intelligence? Google search understand English? What do you think? Probably this article will show on top on Google search result later. Yeah! SEO expert here …..

Anyway other keywords such as “Buy VMware ESX” and “Buy VMware Workstation” either from google.com or google.com.my worked perfectly which it will show VMware Store URL: http://www.vmware.com/vmwarestore/.

Buy VMware Workstation

Buy VMware ESX

Again, if you are looking for buying anything from VMware Malaysia you can check with VMware Malaysia.

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