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Intel New Chipset 5600 series

Posted on March 27th, 2010 in Hardware, Industry News, Server, Tips | 2 Comments »

Intel had launched the latest chipset 5600 series recently. Original I was thought that all the new chipset should come with 6 cores per physical CPU. Luckily I did my research just now and found that not all Intel 5600 series will come with 6 cores. Only specified model will have 6 cores in place. I attach the picture as a reference for you all. Have fun

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Intel Launched 6 cores CPU to replace Intel 5500 series

Posted on March 17th, 2010 in Announcement, Data Center, Hardware | No Comments »

Intel had officially announced the new product series of Intel 6 cores base on 5600 series which will be the successors of Intel Nahelemn 5500 family. The new product series code name Westmere. We will be getting more and more powerful processors in the 2 way servers today which will be good for virtualization and consolidation project. The market are expecting the server vendor like Cisco, DELL, IBM, HP, Fujitsu and etc will launch the server model which support Intel 5600 series very soon. The new Intel 5600 are fully compatible with the existing Intel 5500 sockets from the hardware perspective according to the reliable news. Please view the full story from here.

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SAN Zoning configuration on Cisco UCS

Posted on March 13th, 2010 in Data Center, Hardware, Server, Storage, Tips | 10 Comments »

Recently I had deployed quite a number of EMC SAN with MDS Switches and Cisco UCS, I found tha FC SAN zoning might be a key consideration we may need to take a look for every deployment. This post will more focus on the MDS and UCS 6120 FC Uplink.

Cisco UCS interconnect fabric switches are utilizing FC uplink to allow the Cisco Unified Computing System to get access to the SAN fabric environment.

Here is the architecture diagram you can refer to. In order to make this work, 1st requirement will be the NPIV.

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Stateless Computing from Cisco UCS

Posted on February 5th, 2010 in Data Center, Hardware, Server | 9 Comments »

I had been busy with the demo on Cisco UCS with VMware and EMC recently. 1 of the key features I had tested was about the Stateless Computing claim by Cisco. As a server or system guys, we all know that the ability to maintain the system state with UUID, Firmware, BIOS, LAN & SAN are important during a hardware changes. Honest speaking, the demo performed last week was my 1st experience on the stateless computing. The outcome was impressive.

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Simplify Setup and Configuration for Cisco UCS vs Traditional Blade

Posted on January 27th, 2010 in Data Center, Hardware, Server | No Comments »

I was tighted up with the cloud computing event we run in KL and Penang last week. It also the 1st time that the Cisco UCS showcase to the public in our event. Of course the demo and staging unit were setup by myself with my close buddy from Cisco Malaysia. The 1st time I unpacked and setup the box, it really surprised myself because it does not require special skillsets to understand too much about the architecture. Of course, I did went for a 4 days boot camp previously for Cisco UCS, but they did not show us step by step to setup and configure the UCS box from scratch. Anyway, to setup the UCS 6120 HA cluster, it take me less than 8 mins from the console CLI. I will suggest anyone of you who are preparing to setup this Cisco UCS, to have the Serial to USB converter ready as most of the business laptop today will not support serial ports. It require console connection to both unit of UCS 6120 for the 1st time to enable the UCS Switching cluster. Once is done, you can access the UCS Manager with the right virtual IP you had enabled in the UCS switch cluster.

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