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From Virtual Desktop Infrastructure to Desktop Transformations

Posted on January 21st, 2011 in Tips, Virtualization, Workstations | 2 Comments »

Virtual desktop or legacy desktop both are not new in the market. We had spent a lot of efforts and times to study the possibilities to execute VDI for the working environment or clients, but often found that VDI are not the high value items that business may considers. I had learnt from some experts and able to understand little bit more by changing the angle to re-look : – ” What is Virtual desktop infrastructure meant to business?”

Honestly speaking, VDI solution could cost more compare to traditional desktop deployment. Cost saving will not be the selling point for this solution with business users, and IT team will not be the key decision maker to adopt on this. Similar to cloud computing, the target audiences are required to go beyond from IT group only. Business will be the 1 who pay the bill at the end of the day, and IT will be responsible to execute the solution for business enabler.

A VDI project will hardly catch interests or attentions from business users, but a desktop transformation will change the whole thing. I would rather not to talk about brand, hardware or etc while dealing with business users about VDI topics. They are more interesting to know how it could transform the current user experiences to the next level. If you are still thinking the VDI will only be accessing your desktop from pc, laptop or thin client, you are on the wrong path. A virtual desktop should always available & accessible anyway at anytime with Applications and Data.

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VMware Workstation conflict with Virtual PC in Windows 7

Posted on June 16th, 2009 in Tips, Virtualization, Workstations | No Comments »

Microsoft had included the virtual PC with backward compatible of Windows XP to support the users who may had difficult to run their application on Windows 7. This is free and we can see more user will sure include this as part of the Windows 7 installation move forward. Bear in mind, if you have VMware Workstation running on the same machine, you may see the conflict happen if you have your Virtual PC application running and you try to start up a virtual machine from VMware Workstation. There will be a message prompt to inform you that there are existing hypervisor utilize the virtualization capabilities on your machine. The only way to get your VM start up is to end the session of your Virtual PC application. You should able to start your virtual machine up. Not very sure whether there are any workaround beside this, but at this moment, it consider a conflict and we need to choose either 1 to be run at a time.

Running ESX in Fusion

Posted on February 2nd, 2009 in Tips, Virtualization, Workstations | 5 Comments »

Being a 1st time Mac user I am truly impress with the performance & capability. I was a true PC users with windows & started to use Linux quite a bit for passed 2-3 years.

Recently with anonymous tips from someone I was able to get ESX running inside VMware Fusion Version 2.0.1 (128865).

ESX in Fuion
Just create a VM as per normal wizard & select “Generic Linux” or “RedHat Linux” works well for me.
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How To Turn Off Beep Speaker Sound

Posted on January 6th, 2009 in Tips, Workstations | 3 Comments »

“Beep… beeep… beeeep…” such an annoying sound that always happen in VMware Workstation(I’m currently running 6.5.1) Linux and Windows guests machine.

I would like to share How to disable or turn off beep speaker sound on VMware Workstation.

  1. Look for virtual machine DOT VMX(.vmx) file.
  2. Edit virtual machine .vmx file.
  3. Insert
  4. “mks.noBeep = “TRUE””

  5. Save .vmx file.
  6. Power On virtual machine.

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VM Linux Guest Kernel Compilation Error

Posted on December 2nd, 2008 in Tips, Workstations | 2 Comments »

I have a OpenSuSE 11 running on my laptop VMware Workstation 6.5.1 recently. During VMware Tools installation, I found a weird error show as below:

“The following VMware kernel modules have been found on your system that were not installed by the VMware Installer. Please remove them then run this installer again.”



Execution aborted.

VMware kernel

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