Today I was setting up the Nexus 1000V with Cisco UCS, and this was my 2nd time of experiencing the nexus 1000V. Previous experience when I did the 1st installation and configuration on Nexus 1000V, it take me few days to get it done, but it only took us 1 few hours to do so with a help from my colleague who are the networking expert. I was using the Nexus 1000V version 1.2 which is greatly enhance and simplify VS the version 1.

There are video on the web which show you how to setup the Nexus 1000V in 8 mins video, which is greatly reliable. You can refer to the link here to find out more. Further that, you will no longer require to register and redeem the license as tough as previously does. Once you setup the Nexus 1000V, it will automatically come with the license applied which valid for 60 days, and you can enjoy your sweet time to wait for the final license key and re-apply it. Since the Nexus 1000V come with the http web base, I am not sure why Cisco had not consider to allow us to apply the license key file via the web rather than the messy process of transferring the license file into the nexus 1000v with certain CLI command. To simplify this, will definitely help the administrator to speed up the work.

There are 3 option of installing the VEM, which via VCLI, ESX console or VMware update manager. My setup today are without internet connection, therefore I went for both vcli and SSH protocol and I found that the easiest way are using vCLI. You can download the vCLI from here which is free via VMware official website. A lot of users are not adopting to Nexus 1000V today, but if you ask whether there are a need for it, my answer will be yes. For the users who had been virtualized their environment for years may realized the challenges been faced on the normal vswitch or dvswitch, and Nexus 1000V will greatly address all the challenges we have on the virtual environment.

We also tested the active standby architecture for Nexus 1000V in the VMware environment and it greatly fail over as it promised. Not too much hassle require to configure this, just as simple as 10 mins job follow the video here. Personally I will be glad to see more improvement from Cisco to further enhance and simplify the installation process and configuration which will greatly bring more value to the customer for planning and implementation moving forward.