Cisco had recently added new Fabric Interconnect to their product line up which provide more choice to their client to be consider for their deployment. Previously there were only 6120XP and 6140XP in place for the Fabric interconnect architecture as part of Cisco UCS. The new Fabric Interconnect 6248UP which provide 32 ports FCoE with additional 16 ports expansion module on unified port available which support FCoE, LAN and SAN FC with appropriate module.

While introduce new Fabric Interconnect, the IO Module for UCS Blade Chassis had been further enhance with 2208XP which provide 80Gbps throughput per IO module, and allowed up to 160Gbps per chassis. This option will allow users to provide higher throughput to the blade infrastructure which require more than 80Gbps per chassis.

In the official document from Cisco, the 6248UP is ready with Layer 3 capability which will require additional L3 daughter card to be added in to enable the Layer 3 function from the switch. This is similar to the current Nexus 5548 and 5596 which is offering in the market today with L3 capable. The daughter card are currently not available which will only release in future. This is a good move for Cisco as we had feedback many times about the L3 capability in Fabric Interconnect could benefits to many deployment we have today.

I am absolutely excited with the announcement been made on the new line up for Cisco UCS.

For details information, please refer to the official link from Cisco here.