CA 3Tera Applogic, is some of the new thing I recently look into it. The main reason I had a look on this are due to the long development and go to market cycle that will need to go through no matter which hypervisor or virtualziation software we choose to go today. Heavy development cost and time always impact the buy in for the cloud solution. With CA 3tera applogic, you will able to perform application stack deployment with drag & drop, copy & paste, or draw a line to interconnect any of the back end system without heavy customization configuration. I had been approach by the local CA representative and run through the demo, and I was shocked and impressed with how the entire thing just work.

Here is the interesting video from CA describe in high level what Applogic can do, and do believe I had done the demo in my company event recently and proven is work. If you are interested, you can contact me personally to further try out this solution. It work as a charm.

For more informaiton of applogic, you can view from the official URL