Who is Compellent? May not be famous in our country, but it been 1 of the best SAN solution out there is Others region. They had also participate in the latest VMware vforum 2010 event through the local distributor this year in Kuala Lumpur. Since dell lost the bid to HP for taking over 3PAR Storage solution, many of us had predicted the next move DELL could target would be Compellent. Not a bad choice I will say as DELL do need visionary technology team who can drive the enterprise storage business for them in the long run.

Today, on SAN business, they rely on the OEM partner EMC, which also direct compete with many of the EMC partner at the same time. Equallogic became 2nd option to offer to DELL customers, but we do not see huge pickup in large enterprise environment due to limited protocol supported in single platform, as we are heading to UNIFIED Storage era. Overall, I think this could be visionary bid for DELL to move forward to offer more option to their customers.

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