Recently I run some stress test on our VMware farm due to the prove of concept we try on some new products and I have some finding would like to share.

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Attach is the screen shot which is been captured during my test.  Our ESX server is connected with 2Gb fiber channel dual connection from the ESX host to the Fiber Switches in our environment. If we do a calculation, 190MB/s will be 1520 Mb/s which is 76 % of the 2Gbps FC connection utilization. In between, there will always be some latency lost from the host level to our FC storage. My SAN storage is currently 75% populated with disks in active, this performance is consider good enough for my personal point of view. Bear in mind, this is only utilize 1 physical FC connection from my ESX host. Another interesting we found, that my R900 with more than 35 VMs per host, in the peak hour, it will not go more than 50MB/s. In this case, it seems that our environment is still under utilize from the I/O perspectives. Now it came to the point that, we had invested so much money on the fiber switches but we did not fully utilize the resources we have. Imagine that each ESX server will consume 2 HBA connection, and we only utilize less than 50% of the available bandwidth. The next move, I will definitely looking for something to reduce the FC ports utilization on our VM farm and data center as well. I know Xsigo and Cisco both have their idea to do this. You may need to have a look on VP780 from Xsigo or Cisco Nexus 5000 or 7000 for the next generation data center switches.