I have a discussion about VMware vCenter Storage Plugin during VMware Hitachi boot camp today.

As I know EMC have EMC Storage Viewer, EMC Celera SRM Failback Tool & EMC Celera SRM Failback Tool and NetApp have Rapid Cloning Utility (RCU), Virtual Storage Console (VSC), SnapManager® for Virtual Infrastructure & SANScreen® VMInsight vCenter Plugin. I’m not going to discuss about the vCenter plugin features here.

Does vSphere admin really need VMware vCenter Storage Plugin?

For most of the company, they have many IT teams such as network team, storage team, server team or vSphere team. Imagine if you were part of the vSphere or Storage admin team, do you think vSphere admin team should overwrite storage guy job? Frankly speaking, these kinds of politics already happen in many companies today. VMware did a good job by having VAAI API enable. The storage guys should focus on their storage and vSphere admin should focus on their VM environment.

Personally I’m not familiar with most of the VMware vCenter Storage Plugin. Do you think VMware vCenter Storage related plugins is a must? What is the benefit or advantage? Do you think storage vendor should keep working on this? What do you think?