As what had been demo and shared during the VMworld 2008, most of you guys may aware that the ESX 4.0 or ESX 4i is on the way out and currently may still in development and beta test by VMware. Some of the features been demo example as the fault tolerance  which is an interesting features that most of us will be willing to have a look on it. Beside that, VMware is also ready to allow more than 4 vcpu per VM from this version. Although the HyperV and Xen had supported up to 32 virtual cpu per VM. With ESX4, this will bring VMware back on track with the necessary powerful environment to be run in virtualization world. If we need to run a VM with more than 8 Vcpu, I will think the best option of it will be running on physical servers instead of VM. Which could be consider not a good candidates to be virtualized.

Anyhow, VMware are way far ahead with the competitor as HyperV or Xen which is lack of flexibilities and reliabilities today. At this moment, VMware are still the technology and market leader in virtualization.

I’m glad I’m part of the VMware ESX4 enrolled beta user. Stay tune with the ESX4 and ESX 4i, I believed it will not disappointing most of the VMware users.