IT blogging become one of the biggest success platform for all IT Users to communicate, share and collaborate globally. I can’t recall when was the last time I really spend time to read a book that related to IT technology. Most of the time, I will refer to some of the famous and professional IT’s blog to keep myself up to date with IT news and technology changes.

Recently there are many bloggers abuse the influence power they had to miss lead the reader from the blog posts they created. As a blogger, we should always be independent and provide our professional opinion and share about the communities.

I am proud to tell my Friends and Clients that my blog are not sponsor or subsidies by any of the product company. And the group of blogger we have are not relevant to our day to day job. This allow us to be independent and share any opinion we think about. I went through quite a number bloggers website and found the content are purposely bias to certain discussion that commercially benefits to them.They try to miss lead the readers to the direction they can gain benefits.

If I have to blog about something due to financial benefits and not my honest opinion, I will rather not to blog about it at all.  This post is just to share some frustration that I found from some IT blog around the community.