VMware CTO had officially launched the vmware view 5 yesterday at the general session which covered quite a numbers of new stuffs.

With view 5, vmware emphasize a lot on the security, mobility and application delivery to any end point that could be used by the users today.

On the security, you can now offload the security scan from vm to hypervisor level, which able to prevent IO storm and further harden to secure VDI environment. you could now persue with vshield end point with 3rd party antivirus integration such as trend micro to provide agentless end point protection. This will transform the way how antivirus to be deployed in the future for end point protection on enterprise desktops.

Mobility is always important for enterprise desktop, and vmware have the solution to address this area with the code name HORIZON. In the presentation by the vmware CTO, it showed the capability to support multiple device with single environment wih mobile virtualization on the phone to run multiple environments. Users can now combine the work and personal mobile devices whithout sacrifice the privacy. If the users lose the device, the system will able to remove the accesss to the corporate data to prevent information lost. All changes on the vdi on will be synchronized across to your mobile devices automatically.

The last part of the presentation, vmware demostrated the capability of application delivery via html version 5 which you can now edit the office document file on 3rd party devices without worry on the compability issue anymore. I was very impressed with this new capability which meant a lot to the mobile devices. The code name on this is call Appblast.

Overall of the session, VMware view 5 had make a significant change compare to previous version and I am excited to test it out when I back to Malaysia after the vmworld.