FCoE is new today for data center environment, but it will be very soon adopt by most of the users in 2 years time. If we look at the current environment in most data center today, there will be isolated environment of FC connection for Storage and Ethernet connection for networking purpose in every single data center. Cabling management and knowledge require to keep the environment running and organize is becoming more challenging from time to time. Well, with the FCoE technology from Cisco, it will definitely simplify everything for us.

FCoE reduce the number of cabling require to be managed in the data center by replacing the traditional FC and Ethernet cable with CNA cards and nexus switches. In additional to that, ISCSI and NFS had become better and we have seen the storage vendor like Netapp which deliver the promises of performance over the IP base environment. FCoE will bring a lot of benefits to the virtualization host, especially when you plan to have ISCSI, NFS and FC SAN to be connected to the same ESX host.