Virtual desktop or legacy desktop both are not new in the market. We had spent a lot of efforts and times to study the possibilities to execute VDI for the working environment or clients, but often found that VDI are not the high value items that business may considers. I had learnt from some experts and able to understand little bit more by changing the angle to re-look : – ” What is Virtual desktop infrastructure meant to business?”

Honestly speaking, VDI solution could cost more compare to traditional desktop deployment. Cost saving will not be the selling point for this solution with business users, and IT team will not be the key decision maker to adopt on this. Similar to cloud computing, the target audiences are required to go beyond from IT group only. Business will be the 1 who pay the bill at the end of the day, and IT will be responsible to execute the solution for business enabler.

A VDI project will hardly catch interests or attentions from business users, but a desktop transformation will change the whole thing. I would rather not to talk about brand, hardware or etc while dealing with business users about VDI topics. They are more interesting to know how it could transform the current user experiences to the next level. If you are still thinking the VDI will only be accessing your desktop from pc, laptop or thin client, you are on the wrong path. A virtual desktop should always available & accessible anyway at anytime with Applications and Data.

Beside this, the next generation desktop management should come with uptime SLA and recovery SLA. This is not happening today in major enterprise environment.You will require to hands off your laptop for 4 hours to re-image if your operating system is corrupted. This will no longer happen with VDI in place. Desktop offline often cost business lost in every segment. Uptime SLA and resolution SLA is absolutely important in this case.

Data Security are always important to every organization. Information leaks could cost multi-million dollars lost to the business. This could be prevented by introducing the next generating desktop computing without sacrificing the performance require for the end point users.

To summarize this, a VDI not just to replace the desktop you have on the desk, but rather it will transform the ways we utilize and manage our desktops environment and applications availability.