Been a while we all working on virtualization for consolidation purpose, I am sure that 1 of the biggest selling point we always remind the customers and management is we will able to fully utilize the investment we put in for the servers in our data center with virtualization in place. Most of the time, we may still not 100% utilize the servers capacity due to some consideration of High Availability and Performance issues.

Here I am interesting to show 1 of the screen shot I capture during my stress test on the ESX host for our production machine which hit to 100% of the CPU  utilization on the ESX host level.


Click the picture above for full view

This will be really amazing if we can keep this kind of utilization without impact to the performance for the VM guests. Unfortunately, it does slow down the VM guests in my case as many of us know that we shouldn’t keep the ESX servers resource utilization actively more than 90%. In this round of test, I manage to achieve 40 : 1 ESX host consolidation at my ESX Servers. The normal day, we will always have 28 : 1 as minimal.

Price cut from Intel and 6 cores cpu will definately increase the consolidation ratio in our case moving forward. The integration with the latest technology and ESX 4 will really help in the case to achieve higher number consolidation ratio moving forward.