This topic is very hot recently, especially the major outage just happened from the Famous Public Cloud provider : Amazon recently, had created major alert for those users who are currently subscribe or planning to move on to public cloud.

Virtualization had become matured and well adopted by most environment today. The next wave no longer focusing IaaS, but the focus will be more on User Experience such as VDI, Application virtualization, SaaS, PaaS and etc. Matured users will start to look into applications & data availability.Virtual Machine HA fail over are not good enough to provide higher availability.

Virtual Machine could be fail over during hardware failure, how about services failure or the application client server dependency issues? Example : There may be the application or middle ware machine require manual restart during a HA kick in scenario.

These challenges are always there and require a better solution to overcome it. The next wave of virtualization, should be more focus on application availability, which the major vendor will try to enable the application aware capability, to ensure the application stack available after any fail over situation happen.

Amazon went down become a big news to all of us, as they are the public cloud leader globally and the failure had alerted all of us to re-look into the definition of cloud again. Everyone have a different view about cloud, but fundamental, AVAILABILITY is a MUST for all of us. Moving forward, Users will be more careful to evaluate the cloud offering SLA, Term and condition or even challenge about the Recovery and DR plan the cloud provider will be provided. What happen to Amazon had been disaster to many users. Famous site as CYDIA had also impacted, million of users could not access or experience slow connection during the outage. This had alerted some users to reconsider about their cloud strategy, whether to build private or go public.

This had created major challenges to all the public cloud provider to prevent the similar situation happened on them in the future. Provider need to include more services to prevent the situation, subscribers will also request more to ensure this do not happen to them once they move to cloud in the future.

Will you go for public or private cloud in the future? My take is Hybrid. How about you?