As Green IT and Virtualization becoming the hotest topic today, I believe is time to move the virtualization technology to the desktop level and make it available in the acedemy area from primary school to university. I strongly believe VDI will help to reduce the carbon foot print as well as the physical machine require for a school or university to serve their student during their study.

That will be more opportunity for the next generation of student might be 70% study with computer base, I believe the relevant department should start to implement the VDI for some significant power saving and reduce the pollution generated by each of the desktop. Imagine for the school in Malaysia today, you will easily get 50 to 200 PC per school which provided by the education minister for student usage. Imagine the number of PC will generate the extra cost for manage and refresh, VDI will be something that will fit for long term solution. With VDI, we will able to fully utilize the hardware resource today as well as simplify managing the image require to be run for each virtual desktop. With economy crisis now , I believe cost cutting is not only happen on private sector, the goverment should practice the cost and effective way to provide world class knowledge and solution in term to grow the kids for the future too.

Obviously, I do not believe it will be easier to manage 200 physical desktop VS 200 VM in the same location. And of course, we will save the earth by minimize the usage of power as well as the carboon foot print. Imagine for the university, it may have more than 500 PC or servers easily to provide hosting services related to university acedemy related. Virtualization do help to improve efficiency as well as cost reduction from OPEX and CAPEX  perspective. I know that the famous local University in Malaysia had success roll out for VMWare Infrastructure 3. They should start look at VDI as the next.

If I do own a company by myself, I will for sure to have VDI for most of the staff that are not require laptop for travel or after hour working purpose. VDI is just easy and fast to be recovered. The cost to manage a VM VS Physical machine is always lower, and the performance for the VM is just more than enough.