To have SSH enable on vSphere 4i is always important and helpful when you require to troubleshoot any problem you may face. The way to get this done should similar as esx 3i.

  1. First, you press Alt + f1 then type “unsupported” and press enter.
  2. You will see the prompt for password after this. Key in the root password you had previously configure, and you will be able to log in to the service console.
  3. Follow by that, do a vi /etc/xinetd.conf and look for #ssh. Remove the # and save the file after this.
  4. Go to /sbin, and run this command ./ restart
  5. Noted: If you still having problem with SSH access, please restart and it should be work.

You will have your SSH enable now. Have fun.

Latest updated 12/08/2010:
Using Tech Support Mode in ESXi 4.1