A datastore is platform-independent and host-independent and it can reside on the local disk of an VMware ESX/vSphere Server, or they could be on a storage area network (SAN). Therefore, datastores do not change when the virtual machines they contain are moved between hosts. The scope of a datastore is a datacenter; the datastore is uniquely named within the datacenter. They can be accessed by either the VMware Infrastructure Client/vCenter client or by the Web interface.

For some reason, you may need upload some of your ISO, VMDK and etc into your datastores. Here I would like to share how to do it easily.

How to upload files into datastore
1. Login to vCenter
2. Select your VMware host
3. Click “Configuration”
4. Click “Storage”
5. Look at right hand side datastore
6. Right click one of the datastore LUN and click Browse Datastore….

Browse Datastore
7. Click on the icon selected as picture below
Upload file into datastore
8. Here you can continue with upload files into your datastores.
9. Congratulations! You’re done!