As I am setting up the demo for our event tomorrow, I had actually install 1 of the Cisco UCS blade to run with Windows 7 64 bits. The Windows 7 contains 2 x Intel Xeon R5540 with 48 GB memory. Before we could install the machine with USB key, we need to connect the console cable that come with Cisco UCS package which allow VGA, console and USB ports to be connected to any of the UCS blade.

This picture show the live running Cisco UCS with console connector

UCS Cable

Closer look in the picture, console cable, VGA cable and Dual USB ports into 1. With this in place, I can easily install the windows 7 with my boot able installation images from the high speed USB key. Entire setup is less than 30 mins.


Here is the screen shot to show 16 logical core and 48 GB physical RAM on the UCS server. To be honest, this is my 1st desktop operating system with huge memory capacity at 48 GB.