With the current new buzz word in town every IT vendor from network switches, storage, server, software & the list go on and on …….is talking about “Cloud”. It is getting very “cloudy” to me & it seems going to rain.  I just wonder how many of our local ISV know about it & getting their piece of software to ready for cloud.  What about our SME & Enterprise? In January 15, 2010 Gartner conducted a survey

“Gartner EXP Worldwide Survey of Nearly 1,600 CIOs Shows IT Budgets in 2010 to be at 2005 Levels”

Top Priorities 2010

Cloud Computing is listed as No. 2 priorities for FY2010 IT budget spending to reduce cost. Is this applicable to our local context? Are we ready for SaaS, IaaS, PaaS ? Where are we now? A few weeks ago I was making an inquiry to a local reputable accounting package where they are rank top 5 in terms of market share as far as I know. I send a mail to them asking whether they are interested to provide their solutions on SaaS platform since I was soliciting content for a solution provider. I do get an acknowledgment they receive my mail & will look into it & revert to me. But till today I have not heard anything since then.

This is what puzzle me is Cloud ready for Malaysia or is Malaysia ready for cloud?