Cloud computing no longer a new term to many of us, and we can see how the cloud computing concept had innovated the IT infrastructure in the current environment for the pass 24 months. Today we have those familiar term such as SOD = Storage On Demand, COD – Cloud on Demand, Provision & decommission on demand and many many mores term created. Another area, the ultimate goal of the cloud computing is to transform IT into the service base model. Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Services, Software as a service and now IT as a Service.

We all know that the success of the cloud computing environment, is always required consistent, low latency and high speed network that will be provided by the Service Provider. Whether you like it or not, Service Providers are always be part of the IT infrastructure. We had seen many of the service provider are jumping into the cloud computing environment to provide hybrid and public cloud model which offer to everyone across the globe. It happen in NA, EMEA and APAC at the same time.

Mean while, the service provider had realized the business model of cloud computing will be totally different with the normal business they had done before, therefore they often require a strong IT background partnership to provide the technology consultation, venture business strategy and experiences to assure the success of the cloud computing they tried to offer.  NTT had announced to acquire Dimension Data since last week, which clearly state the combination of IT vendor and Service Provider. I believe this combination will allow the service provider to look into cloud computing which offer to the world.  With all this happen, we can clearly see the IT are on the way to turn the infrastructure into the service base model. Combination of IT and Service Provider become closer and closer, which is definitely helpful as both are infrastructure related and it may help to increase the quality of services from time to time. I believe the market is emerging on this area, which we will see more IT vendor partnership with service provider to offer the packages to the client, either with venture business or acquisition.