Virtual machine snapshots can be a valuable tool to IT administrators or developer. A snapshot is a backup/image of your entire system at the time the snapshot is taken. Snapshot provide system restoration and minimize damage of the virtual machine.

Due to certain requirement, you may need to clone a snapshot taken sometimes ago and you can make as many copies as you need.

VMware Snapshot

This guide show how to making a clone from a snaphot on VMware Workstation 6.5.

Note: The snapshot MUST BE from a virtual machine that is powered off.

Open VMware Workstation 6.5, click on VM tab, click Snapshot, click Snapshot Manager or CTRL+m.

Clone Snapshot

Click clone.

VMware Clone Snapshot

Click Next on Clone Virtual Machine Wizard.

VMware Clone

Click Next Clone from The current state in the virtual machine.

VMware Clone Snapshot

Click Create a full clone and Next.

There are 2 types of clone:
# A full clone is an independent copy of a virtual machine that shares nothing with the parent virtual machine after the cloning operation. Ongoing operation of a full clone is entirely separate from the parent virtual machine.
# A linked clone is a copy of a virtual machine that shares virtual disks with the parent virtual machine in an ongoing manner. This conserves disk space, and allows multiple virtual machines to use the same software installation.

New Virtual Machine

Enter Virtual machine name, Location and click Finish. You’re done!

I’m sure you will ask making a clone from a snapshot for VMware ESX Server. Just do a live clone and revert to snapshot taken or you may refer to VMware Communities Forum.