We were doing some stress test with more than 15 VMs on a single B250M2 Cisco UCS blade machine with 2 x Intel 6 Cores 2.93Ghz, and 192GB memory. While are stress test are pretty simple, each VM been provisioned with 2 vCpu and 4GB of physical memory. We maximize the CPU load of all the virtual machine and end up I was able to capture the print screen as attach here.

Weird Thing had happened here as we maximize the CPU utilization, but the total MHZ on the ESX host had exceeded the calculation if we base on 12 x 2.93 Ghz. I am still trying to understand in details how the system can stretch more than the available capacity on the total Ghz it suppose to have with the chip set on the machine. If you do have any valuable comment to explain this, feel free to comment here as I am interesting to learn this out.