Most of us may had previously experienced a VM which hung in the ESX hosts. Usually we will use the command vmware-cmd utilities to kill or stop the virtual machine. Sometimes we even need to use the vm-support command to force the VM to be stop hardly if vmware-cmd was not worked. Today I found some interesting issue with 1 of the virtual machine. I had executed the instruction to power off from vCenter 4. This virtual machine is running on vsphere 4. After 2 minutes, the virtual machine still showed power on from the vCenter, and I executed again the 2nd command to power off, the system prompted that another process was in progress, and access was denied.

It looked like the virtual machine was hung, and I started to check the virtual machine status from ESX console. I could not find my virtual machine was still running at the time I checked from the command prompt. Some guys may already got panic and restarted the ESX host, but I decided to take a last try and restarted the mgmt-vmware service from /etc/init.d , guess what, it works after that. The vCenter now show the virtual machine had been power off. The inconsistent information of vCenter always cause some issue to the day to day operation. Hope this tip will help the 1 who run to the same situation as I did.