I just got the official release of vSphere 4 today and finally got it work on my test lab. 1st thing before I upgraded my ESX servers is I need to upgrade my vCenter. If you are running RC now, you may not able to manage the official release vSphere 4 host by RC version of vCenter you had. I reinstall fresh for my vCenter 4 on Windows 2003. Since is a test lab, I do not build the DB on SQL Server as I did for production. I am using the default sql express as part of the installation.The installation process will not be much different compare to RC, but the resource utilization of the vCenter 4 will make the different.

I notice that the memory utilization for vCenter 4 is very high even I run it on Windows 2003 Server. The highest memory utilization of the vCenter is not SQL or anything, but is Tomcat. Can you believe that the Tomcat will take up to 1.3GB of physical memory show in the task manager? This had given myself a signal that I may need to increase the memory I had on the production virtual center server I have before I may consider a final upgrade to vCenter 4 for production purpose.