VMware vSphere 5 had been revised to provide better business case to the users who willing to maintain VMware as the hypervisor and run 3rd party VDI solution beside VMware view. The pre-requisite to do this, you must 1st ensure the ESX host cluster are separated from the existing Server cluster which are not running VDI in place. This could be good news to all of us which think to maintain the VMWare as the hypervisor and utilize 3rd party VDI solution in the same organization.

There will be no VRAM limit for this case, but it may be capped around 100 VDI per ESX host. I still yet to go in to details to really find out this. With the new revise, it seems had pleased some of the users who complained about the vTAX issue in vsphere 5, but there are still many users who are complained the SNS entitlement who had purchased upfront for 36 months which end up require to top up their license now.