Went through a session of sharing this morning from the federal goverment about the development and testing as a servic cloud computing in real deployment for experience sharing. The session was interesting with details architecture sharing how it was deployed by the presenter.

One of the key area they highlighted was the stoage protocol they choosed, which is NFS rather than iscsi and FC SAN, which was mainly due to the flexibility of volume shrink or resize that could support on the fly. I am agreed with their statement as personal thought, for large scale deployment, NFS are much easier to manage compare to Iscsi and FC environment.

NFS is pure ethernet ip base, which certified and proven in many of the large scale deployments worldwide. With 10G ethernet today, performance throughput on the NFS will no longer concerns over the performance. If you had not evaluated NFS as an option in your deployment currently, you may want to take a try on it.