There is known issues been faced by small group of user who had deployed their VMware ESX host on the latest platform with G7. You can refer to the official link from HP here and additional KB from VMWare referring to the same issues. If you are facing this, you may be the unlucky 1, but nothing much you could do as the PSOD message will refer to the CPU error, compatible issues and etc.

The only thing you could do is to wait until both HP and VMware to come out a final fix in this case. Quick solution, is change hardware vendor or different platform. I had experienced 3 times about it, in the past 2 months and this is the latest finding we had received from both VMware and HP regards the latest PSOD we had. HP had recommended to upgrade the BIOS, Firmware and driver for multiple times, but this doesn’t fix the issue we are facing. Lately there had release another new update bios and hope this problem will be gone after this.

Feel free to share any work around solution beside the official link provided by tech support.