I read through a lot of articles this week and spoke to numbers of users and friends who are the current VMware customers and future potential customers, and I found there are numbers of questions we need VMware to provide a better and clear answer to all of us. While we are excited with the new features from VMware vSphere, but the licensing model they apply now is killing the happiness of the customers.

Technodrone had highlighted couples of the important points that stated by the official document from VMware and I am absolutely agree that VMware need to answer these questions. Now it had started another heat discussion which turn the happy customers to become an unhappy customers soon as you will be forced to pay more if what Technodrone stated is correct. Existing enterprise users and new enterprise users will be forced to be upgraded to enterprise plus version to keep the system running, and I think VMware has to clear this up ASAP.

Beside this, I am really disappointed with 8 virtual SMP will be only available to Enterprise Plus users. Please take note that the competitors had been provided up to 8 Virtual CPU per VM quite some times ago, and they do not apply the similar license model to force the customers to pay more. This had make some of the partner and users run in to trouble as extra cost involve for upgrade to entitle the new features. I think VMware should re-think and revise their licensing model before the start selling it and I can see many users are disappointing with the situation after they went through the documentation release earlier.

If you are referring to vinternals there are more details that vinternals point out and I absolutely agree with them.