Being a 1st time Mac user I am truly impress with the performance & capability. I was a true PC users with windows & started to use Linux quite a bit for passed 2-3 years.

Recently with anonymous tips from someone I was able to get ESX running inside VMware Fusion Version 2.0.1 (128865).

ESX in Fuion
Just create a VM as per normal wizard & select “Generic Linux” or “RedHat Linux” works well for me.

In order to get a guest VM power up inside ESX running on Fusion you will need the following setting inside the .vmx configuration:-

ethernet0.virtualDev = “e1000”

monitor.virtual_exec = “hardware”

monitor_control.restrict_backdoor = “true”

Once installed you can just connect with the standard VI client as per normal. ESX will detect all the BIOS & hardware config as well.
Hardare Info

The above .vmx config will work with VMware Workstation from v6.x onwards.

Virtual Machines

As I was conducting some testing which required quite a number of VMs. I was able to have the following running in a single MacBook Pro:-

2 * 768Mb RAM Windows 2003 RC2
1 * 1.3Gb RAM ESX 3.5 U3
1 * 512Mb RAM Ubuntu 64bit
1 * 256Mb RAM Knoppix

VM Guest

As follow is hardware spec for my Mac

Mac hardware spec

This beast is really value for $$$. I am sure I can’t run that many VMs in a M$ environment with the same hardware spec.  As why I need to have so many VMs running will continue the series next time.