While cloud computing adoption had been grown over time, how often does the users were remembered about the security consideration? This a good question should be check with every cloud users. Even with Public cloud provider, you will require to fully responsible to maintain the security of the services or servers from the provider. Cloud often referring to resources sharing and infrastructure sharing. Security requires to be further enhanced to reduce the operation risk for the cloud users.

We had seen the security leader such as Check Point & Trend Micro had released some awesome products to further enhance the virtualization infrastructure provides tight integration into VMWare. VMware had released the vShield product family to further harden the virtualize cloud infrastructure. We  should  always consider the security from Network Infra, Internet Infra, Server Infra, Storage Infra, Operating System, Virtual machines and etc.

If you are current cloud users, or going to be a cloud infrastructure users, you should always include security as part of your consideration before it creates the harm to your production environment.