As vSphere is on the way, many of you may had experienced to test the RC release now. 1 of the thing you may notice is about the performance on vCenter 4 which bundle as part of the vSphere infrastructure in the coming release. I had personally compared the system performance within vCenter 2.5 and 4, and I found the vcenter 4 will require more resource to satisfy the system to run smoothly. The resource require to run the SQL server will not make any big different in this case, but you will notice the tomcat process in the task manager will take up quite a number of resources from your vCenter server.

To improve the performance of your vCenter, you may need to consider to increase the physical memory on it, or you may also consider to disable the virtual center web management services from services.msc prompt in Microsoft windows. I had my vCenter running on Windows 2003 and Windows 2008, and I do experience the similar performance issues. As my scenario, I can manage my environment without web management, therefore I had decided to disable the services and save the physical memory from the server for other purpose.