Many of you may had slowly migrated your vcenter to windows 2008 64 bits or R2 recently. As we know, the vCenter server will still require a 32 bit DSN to connect to the 64 bit SQL database even the operating system are currently on 64 bits. You may able to search this on the google easily which suggest you to execute this command odbcad32 from start run to create the 32 bits client, but this may not work actually. I done twice and I hit the same problem as the ODBC console launch are still 64 bits.

In order to launch the 32 bits DSN client wizard from the ODBC, you will require to manually browser to the folder under C:\windows\syswow64\odbcad32.exe and right click select run as administrator. Right after it, the ODBC configuration on 32 bits will be prompted. Before you can install the correct SQL Native Client, you will require the correct 32 bits client in place which meant for 64 bits operating system. This source file will usually found on the SQL installation CD under the 32 bits folder which meant for the 64 bits operating system use. Right after all in place, the rest of the configuration on the vCenter setup will carry as usual.

This method are worked for both Microsoft SQL 2005 and SQL 2008. Have fun……..