VMware had done the best job since they introduced vmotion and cold migration which allow us to move the state of the virtual machine from 1 Host to another with or without down time. In virtualization, it encapsulated the entire Server into the virtual machine format and it is hardware independent. Therefore you can always move from 1 host to another without having re-install or reconfigure your operating system or application.

Well, since we had achieved this in virtual environment, what about physical environment?

Most of the server vendor out there today, they are stateful, because the information require for the system such as UUID, Bios, Firmware, MAC, WWN ID are tie down to the physical hardware. There are others vendor able to virtualize the WWN and MAC address out there but still there are challenges to remain the UUID, Bios and firmware when they move the system state from 1 physical hardware to another. Now with Cisco Service profiles technology, we able to migrate our system state without changes, without reconfiguration and the entire process could be completed within 15 to 20 mins. All you need to do is to disassociate the service profile from the blade and apply the service profiles across another available blade. This is similar with the cold migrate features we are using in Virtualize environment. Of course, it does not provide online migration as vmotion does today. Therefore, now you can have vmotion on vmware provide online migration, cold migration for offline migration on virtual machine. With Cisco UCS Service Profile features, you will able to achieve the cold migration of the physical system within short down time. It meant a lot to the system administrator who manage the 24 x 7 operation.