I got a big shock for the first email I read this morning is regarding the sad news of the Legend Steve Jobs who left us 1 day right after the iphone 4S launching. I had always admire his talent and vision as a Technology leader since I was a kids and the days I know about Computer. I always told my friend about how a success leader just like him had made the changes to our life today. Some people may not agree with him, but they do see him as a target for competition. For my personal opinion, he had changed the living style that I have today compare to 20 years ago.

He made impossible to become possible especially with the iphone, ipod and ipad that he launched with apple in the past. These devices had become enterprise ready with global adoption. Now we even talk about application or desktop access form the mobile devices that require IT to support. Internet Data and content access anywhere, anytime and any devices.

If  Steve do not deserve the respect, who should?