Storage Vmotion through GUI is available on next version of ESX vSphere. This had provided the capability to perform the storage Vmotion from 1 to another datastore with no downtime. The entire process is been simplified through graphic user interface. Full features been integrated to vCenter without external plugin.


Select Change datastore at the 1st screen. Note that the option 1 is use for Vmotion on virtual machines. Option 3 is only available when VM is been powered off


Select the right datastore you wish to move your VM and click next to continue


Validation success and choose the option you need from here. 1st option will remain the original configuration of the VM. 2nd option will go for thin provisioned format. 3rd option will be thick format for full allocation of the virtual machine. Press next and you are ready to go for storage Vmotion.

This features is excellent as it simplify the storage vmotion process to the administrators.