In 1 of the demo video, I had seen the storage vMotion performance significant improve as much as 25% of the time and reduce the storage processor overhead at roughly 20% which offload the ESX performance during the storage vMotion execution. Previously, you may aware that the storage vMotion will usually take a long time and consume a lot of resource from Host & Storage. With vStorage API Array Integration, you will able to offload this to the storage array to handle directly which reduce the system overhead from ESX host itself.

Here is the option to turn on or off the VAAI, Value of Zero meant off, and 1 refer to ON.

CMD/s spike up to very high without VAAI while executing storage vMotion.

With VAAI, it reduce the CMD/s to < 100 per second

Performance chart been captured from vCenter for Storage vMotion with and without VAAI. Huge different shown.

In general, VAAI help to offload the workload require during storage vmotion back to the array directly and help to save more resource on the ESX host.